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L'URV Campaign

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

A few months ago I reached out to a brand on Instagram that I had my eyes on for some time. The response and interest I received was incredible-- The Marketing Manager was absolutely thrilled and was honored that I had interest in collaborating. They proposed the idea of working together on their upcoming campaign for their May / June collection. The timing worked out impeccably to do the shoot on Venice Beach as I was already going to be in Los Angeles for the filming of American Ninja Warrior that month. So why not extend my stay for a few extra days? I ended up booking my extension at an adorable boutique hotel in LA, Hotel June. Little did we know the hotel I was about to stay at was a right-out-of-a-dream, perfect solo girl trip hotel. It was so trendy and aesthetically pleasing that we decided to host a portion of the shoot right at the scene since the brand totally accompanied the whole vibe of the hotel. Yes, it was that cute!

Side story: Since L’URV is based out of Australia, I had leeway to choose my own photographer in greater Los Angeles. My immediate thought was this girl I met five years ago in Hollywood filming for Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness. Her name is Tori Case, Cool by Case Photography. I was honored to be able to shoot with Tori as I’ve been inspired by her work for a while now. Seriously, go check her out!

Tori and I had a wonderful time reconnecting, shooting at the hotel and on the beach, and then going through the results later that evening over a charcuterie board and Mezcal Old Fashioneds. I am so happy that after meeting one time five years ago and living across the country from one another, we were able to reconnect and pick up where we left off and work on this project together.

To say L'URV has the most comfortable AND cute activewear is an understatement. When I was looking at the sets online I had no idea how high quality they would actually be. They are soft and super functional for any type of active individual; a yogi, an endurance runner, a powerlifter, a walker, an American Ninja Warrior, etc. This Australian brand fits the average American because it offers both function and fashion. After a workout or a photoshoot, you can wear the exact same set out to brunch or tea and look absolutely adorable.

Head to their website and use code TAY20 for 20% off your order! You can thank me later :)

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